The Five C’s of Fancy Colored Diamonds

Since high quality prized jewels really are so valuable it's necessary to have a 
universal method of determining their price for both industry specialists and 
customers as well. Although what is typically called "The 4 C's" was initially 
created to rank and appraise regular diamonds, variations can be found for just 
about all high-quality, finished (in contrast to rough) gemstones.

The value of a single diamond depends upon virtually all 4 these specifications. 
For example, an exceedingly big stone could be appreciated cheaper than one that's 
smaller sized due to the fact that it is missing in one or more of the additional 
three classes. At Devonshire Diamonds we'll take the time to make certain you 
understand the options and get the best value whether you are building and also 
adding to a collection or simply searching for an ideal showpiece for a piece of 

The first "4 C's" will give you a great deal of details about a stone’s attributes 
and value, however can’t begin to describe one elusive quality - beauty. To do that, 
you’ll have to experience the offerings coming from Devonshire Diamonds using your 
very own eyeballs.

The 5th "C" - Certification

Recently, a “5th C” has grown to become better established together with Carat, Cut, 
Color & Clarity as part of how a diamond as well as other top quality gemstones can 
be classified - Certification.

However Certification isn't a physical characteristic through which a jewel could be 
ranked by, the industry really does consider the significance of Certification by a 
well respected gemological laboratory so as to supply the buyer with a complete scientific 
report of the gemstone. Certification of a gem stone provides the customer with an unbiased, 
3rd party assurance as to the color, the clarity, the carat weight, and often the origin 
or at least suspected source of your diamond (as an example; Burma Ruby). 

That certification, also referred to as a grading report, is really a complete evaluation 
of that gemstone and really should be performed by a competent expert with the help of 
specified gemological instruments. Each recognizable, distinctive characteristic of that 
stone needs to be listed on the certification.

At Devonshire Diamonds we are excited about what we do and excited to discover the way 
in which distinct developments across the world of coloured diamonds is becoming more popular. 
Get in touch with Devonshire Diamonds for any concerns you may have relating to fancy coloured 
diamonds or stunning, customized created jewellery.

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Sample Fancy Colored Diamonds - Devonshire Diamonds

Throughout history we have observed high quality gems and fine jewellery
used as a component of wealth management. All the way from Julius Caesar,
to the ?Crown Jewels? of Fantastic Britain. Our opinion is that this tendency
continues through to the present since consumers benefit from alternatives
that will offer the risk-reward characteristics associated with Fancy Coloured

At Devonshire Diamonds, our success is going to be built on maintaining lengthy
and fruitful relationships with our clients and staying knowledgeable of the
coloured diamond market. Our goal is to share that understanding and keep our
clientele informed and up to date.

We also take tremendous pride at Devonshire Diamonds in the jewellery we develop
for our clients. By utilizing the talented and experienced artisans at our disposal
we have helped to produce exquisite works of art ranging from classic contemporary
to the exquisitely elegant.

Regardless of whether you might be already a collector and need to learn how you
can improve and improve your collection - - OR, if you're the novice seeking some
insight and guidance on developing a nicely maintained and diversified collection,
Devonshire Diamonds might be of assistance. 

At Devonshire Diamonds collecting natural fancy coloured diamonds may be far more
than just enjoyable ? follow a couple of easy principles and it can also be very
lucrative. Hopefully, over the long term, most top quality stones and jewellery
pieces ought to appreciate, and like any other commodity ? timing, buying right,
and selling right are key problems in becoming successful. You will find nonetheless
extremely specific advantages that make them uniquely useful including the fact they
are one of the most private, portable and concentrated type of wealth identified 
to man.